Closing Costs

What our office does to close your real estate transaction

Upon retaining Greg Wojcik as your lawyer:

  • We will discuss the overall transaction. At this point you should let us know if there are any matters or aspects of great importance to you in order to purchase this property such as pet ownership restrictions, parking restrictions or barbeque limitations, or when selling issues such as liens, undischarged mortgages, right-of ways and easements.
  • Next, we will outline what are the steps and stages involved in your transaction, how long on average it takes to complete each stage and when our office will be in contact with you or when you will have to attend our office to sign the closing documents.
  • We will explain the services we provide and how we will co-ordinate with your lender/mortgage broker, and Real Estate Agent to successfully close your transaction.
  • We will also discuss the expected overall closing costs and provide you with either an exact quote or our closest approximation depending on the type and complexity of real estate transaction you are closing and work required to complete it.
  • We will ask you to supply our office with all necessary documents and information needed to complete your transaction.

Sellers Closing Costs

  • Legal costs and disbursements
  • Losing adjustments
  • Costs of discharging of the Mortgage
  • Law Society Levy Surcharge in the amount of $ 65 imposed by the Law Society of Upper Canada on all real estate transactions
  • Registration of the discharge of the existing Mortgage and / or Line of Credit
  • For an accurate assessment of your potential closing costs please contact our office