A detailed

Sellers Checklist

Please, provide our office with the following documents as soon as possible after your Agreement of Purchase and Sale was signed:

  • Transfer /Deed,
  • Property Survey, if you have one. If the survey is not up to date let  know if there are any additions or alterations that are not shown on the survey,

  • a copy of the last Property Tax Bill which you received from the city either interim or final,
  • Mortgage Statement and/or Line of Credit Statement.  It does not have to be current, it may be the annual statement you received from your bank,

  • TARION Certificate for new homes and new condominiums constructed less than seven years before the sale of property.


Also provide our office with the following information:

  • Lender’s Name, Address and contact information, Mortgage Account Number, and servicing branch address.
  • If there are any other Loans, Mortgages, Lines of Credit registered on the property, provide our office with the same information as above.